Best Way to Experience Authentic Jamaica

Best Way to Experience Authentic Jamaica

At Heartland Oasis, we offer retreats , cottage rentals and amazing adventures. Heartland Oasis Jamaica is a division of Acu–Na Wellness Center, located in Western North Carolina. Our wellness is continued in Jamaica on our medicinal farm.

Heartland Oasis is located on the south coast of Jamaica in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth. You will love beautiful Treasure Beach, its beaches, farmland, and the Healing Waters of Jamaica. All your tension and old patterns will be washed away exposing a new you!

Treasure Beach is dubbed the bread basket of Jamaica due to its highly fertile soil and high percentage of farming communities that is largely responsible for a good portion of the country’s food supply and agriculture industry; St. Elizabeth is more notably known for popular destinations and attractions such as YS Falls, the Black River Safari, the Appleton Jamaica Rum Tour and Floyd’s Pelican Bar. And nestled deep and unmarred in the lush evergreen of Breadnut Valley, Maggoty is the enchanting Breadnut Valley Falls.

Experience Jamaica like never before! Contact us at +1 (828) 606-4767 to find out more about our packages and availability. We offer multiple times a year our Women's Jamaica Healing Waters Retreats. You may also schedule your own private retreat with us for just yourself or your small group.

Book a cottage at Heartland Oasis. You will experience unparalleled hospitality & healing vibes.

Step off the beaten path with us and discover authentic Jamaica and its IRIE VIBES!

We can arrange tours for anywhere on the island...just ask!