I am from Chicago and have taught women's self-defense. So I will answer from that perspective.

Any place can be unsafe. Your own shopping mall can put you in danger if you park in a dark corner (which is light when you went in but when you come out it is night time). If you make bad choices like letting people see how much is in your wallet, get drunk and go somewhere with a stranger, or go to unfamiliar places without investigating. 

I am a single woman and have been coming to Jamaica for over ten years. I do not engage in risky activities, I investigate areas before I venture into them, and I choose places known for safety.  

Treasure Beach is one of the safest places on the island. Our parish of St. Elizabeth is know to have the most friendliest hard working people on the island.

There are places on the island that put you more at risk just like in Los Angeles, Chicago or New York etc. So no matter where you go always travel with your head up, ears open and be wise.

With all that said, Jamaica is a wonderful island with mostly safe areas.

It is good to have a guide to help you get acquainted with the many wonderful places to explore.

We would love to do that for you.


● Bathing Suit

● Sun Screen

● Sun glasses/Snorkel gear

● Hat

● Sun dresses or shorts

● Bag to carry things around (ie beach bag, back-pack)

● Wallet to carry your money, id and credit card.

● You may want to bring a journal for journaling or book you’ve been longing to read

 ● Flashlight

● Water socks

● Earplugs / eye mask

● Water bottle

● Sarongs are best for wraps and to use as towel at water as they are light and dry quickly

● Bring cash for miscellaneous expenditures. Many places do take credit card and many small local establishments do not.

● Airport transportation, this is a 2 ½ hour drive from Montego Bay to Treasure Beach. Arrangements can be made for you to be picked up. Please get your travels plans to Mary. 


Go to https://www.jacustoms.gov.jm/article/electronic-c5 to fill out your immigration form on-line so you don’t have to do the paper form on the plane. This will greatly expedite you getting through customs in Jamaica. There will be a much shorter line. 

Make sure you have address where we are staying and their local phone number. Please let your family know where you are staying.**You will enter this information on your Customs Form.

● Do not exchange any money at airport. Your driver will take you to a local exchange place to get exchange rate. You may also exchange it early at AAA in the US.


We do offer cooking but we also have a fully equipped kitchen if you like to prepare your own meals. You may want to buy some special items you personally want. You will want the driver to stop by store on way to house so you can get some groceries and drinks for your stay.

Remember you will be enjoying local cuisine which is different from other countries.

 There are some nice restaurants in town that you can visit along with many local eateries called “cook-shops.”

There is also a nice spa you may want to experience. They take cash or credit card.



CHECK WITH YOUR INDIVIDUAL CARRIER FOR THE BEST WAY TO USE YOUR PHONE IN JAMAICA. Understand both the phone and data expense. Most carriers charge even on incoming calls and text. There is Wi-Fi at the at our cottages. There is also Wi-Fi at the nearby restaurants. Generally, text is cheaper than phone calls. ie:- .50 a text (use wisely).

Best to download "Whats app" or f/b messager as it is free internet calling when the other person also has "Whatsapp" or facebook.


● Have a copy of your passport face page (the page that has your picture on it) laminated so you can have that on you at all times and we can keep your passport safely at the accommodations. It is a good idea also to have two passport photos in case your passport is lost or stolen!


Check with your airline for luggage restrictions. Do not pack valuables or medications in your suitcase for carry on. Only put medications and valuables in a backpack/purse/small bag that you take on the plane. If they take your carry-on suitcase because it doesn’t fit above, your valuables are susceptible to theft. I had this happen.


It is advisable to have travel insurance which usually has a health aspect to it.

Be sure to pack any medications in your purse and NOT in your luggage so that it cannot be lost.

Everyone is different. You know your needs but here are a few reminders:

● Pepto Bismol for mild stomach problems or diarrhea

● Imodium for moderate diarrhea problems

● Aspirin, Tylenol or Motrin for aches, pains, headaches, etc.

● Rolaids, Tums or any antacid of choice

● Benadryl for allergic reactions, bug bites or lack of sleep

● A tube of Bacitracin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment for cuts and a tube of Hydracortisone creme for itchy critter bites and rashes

● An Epi-pen if you are susceptible to severe allergic reactions

 This is a great way to enhance ones relationships with a group of friends, your grown children, mom and daughters, or anyone you would like to spend a special time with.

This is also perfect for a professional that would like to bring 4 participants for a special retreat that they would like to create. The professional comes discusses with us their goal and what they would like to do. We handle everything and you do your special activities.

Just reach out to us and we will customize the experience for you and quote the costs.

I have been a wellness practitioner for about 20 years. I work closely with clients on health issues and life guidance. For many years my focus was an oncology practice in Scottsdale, AZ. So I did some deep emotional work with my clients along with acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.  

Then again on a lighter side I have worked with clients going through divorce, job changes, entering retirement, or simply on a quest for personal growth.

Whatever your reason may be, we can help you with that transition.  

This is the purpose of a private retreat.

Just reach out and we can discuss your goal, what your needs are are the associated costs.

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