Karen Benson
Facilitator, Health Coach, Practitioner

Karen Benson, Certified Integrated Health & Wellness Coach, Healing Touch Practitioner & Sky Breath Meditation Teacher

As a multifaceted healer, I have served and uplifted my community with a broad spectrum of Spiritual Techniques. I will guide you daily with a simple breath meditation technique that will clear your mind and give you inner peace, clarity, focus and decrease your anxiety and stress.

As a Healing Touch Practitioner, I will work with  your energy field for balance, harmony and help you initiate your own self healing. I have worked with many hospice patients and clients to balance out their chakra system.  I will teach you  at home techniques to use daily.

I began my own healing journey and spiritual growth many years ago and the most profound healing took place at Heartland Oasis with Mary on one of her retreats. This changed my life! Mary invited me many times, however I always had an excuse until finally I was at a breaking point in my life and boldly said YES! I wanted to be healed and experience the magic of Jamaica! Upon arriving home after one blissful week of healing, everyone I came in contact with saw my glow.  This glow has remained with me. It gave me my new life purpose to help guide others through their journey of healing. Jamaica and Mary's guidance catapulted me into a new stratosphere.

I fell in love with the people as well as this beautiful island and have returned for six years in a row. I asked Mary if I could be part of the team and guide others through their journey! I am grateful to be able to join the team and do the same for others.

 Back in North Caroline, US

As a certified health coach, Karen is focused on preparing meals for all autoimmune issues that clients may have using the GAP's, Paleo and AIP diet protocols.

Karen is a multi-faceted health professional. A certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Sky Breath Meditation Teacher with a focus on nutrition and wellness. She is also a Healing Touch Practitioner where she volunteers at. In addition, she is a Certified Ageless Grace Educator working with seniors & the physically challenged to strengthen their mental clarity and neuroplasticity abilities. She is also a Surgical Coaching Practitioner through the Beyond Surgery Program. Karen is dedicated to the concepts of multi-level holistic healing and has made this her life’s path.

Be the source of happiness you want to see in the world!  Karen Benson

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