Sadhvi Velasquez, Lmbt, Reiki Master
Facilitator, Practitioner, Yogi

Our Heartland Jamaica retreats are for those looking for a renewed connection with their own soul and the healing power of nature.

I am honored to share my gifts of being present, holding sacred space, leading ceremonies and empowering you to become your magnificent self. In my private practice as a massage therapist I use my healing gifts and many different modalities to help you to reconnect with your inner self and release the stress that has manifested in your body. I am a Reiki master. I also teach Reiki.

There are many different beautiful indigenous ceremonies we incorporate into the retreats. Indigenious/ancestral healing is powerful and should be continued for generations to come. During these ceremonies you will feel the support of those that came before.

The retreats create sacred space for you to enhance your vibratory field of resonance and be awakening to a deeper connection with your origins. They are joyful and filled with laughter. Everyone always reports a simple but powerful “ah-ha moment” that is life changing.

You’ll get to feel, taste and experience the real Jamaica. The locals are friendly and they smile a lot. They are very chilled. They easily open your heart chakra.

You’ll find yourself willing to surrender to the innate natural beauty that surrounds you. Come with an open heart and immerse yourself in the sweetness and serenity of this divine bliss that will envelope you.

I look forward to sharing the journey, the joy, the love, the laughter.

Let the sunshine in!!!

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit” by Rumi

“You are not a drop in the ocean – you are the entire ocean in a drop” by Rumi

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