Exploring the Healing Waters

Exploring the Healing Waters

There are three incredible excursions that are planned to immerse you in these waters, each providing a different opportunity to feel the healing energy of the magical waters of Jamaica from sea to rivers to springs.

First, the healing mineral baths of the Milk River know for its healing power. You will  float weightlessly in the warm, highly mineralized water in your own private tiled oasis. You will spend the day moving slowly between the multiple mineral baths and the rest of the resort, luxuriating in leisure time during which you can read the book you’ve been longing to read, write in your journal, or take a languid afternoon nap. You will be amazed at the level of deep relaxation and rejuvenation you feel after a day in these healing bathes.

Or, YS Falls! We travel through We continue through Bamboo Avenue, a 3-mile long stretch of road shaded by an archway of giant bamboo and surrounded by orange groves and sugarcane fields.

 YS Waterfalls is one of the highest and most scenic waterfalls in Jamaica, where you can cool off with a swim in the falls or in one of their many pools, be adventurous and try the NEW canopy tour, or just relax and enjoy the lush tropical surroundings. There are steps along side the triple falls with railings and areas to sit and relax at each level.

Another day, we will whisk you away to the mountain springs and natural cave at Roaring River. Experience rebirth of your true self in the womb of mother earth, in this destination that has been used for healing by generations of Jamaican people. The history of the earth and the ancestral energy is palpable. You will venture through the land exploring the various trees, local flora and fauna, and indigenous medicinal plants. You will be in awe of the size of the ancient Silk Cotton Tree. There are many life giving stories about this amazing tree.

Lastly, venture by boat out to sea, enjoying the view of the coastal villages as you head to Black River to see the flora and fauna including mangrove trees and exotic birds. On your way back out to sea, keep watch for schools of dolphins who may join you as you journey to the Pelican bar, a secret oasis for a delicious lunch and snorkeling.

You will have two days to further personalize your experience with options such as local herbal treatments, local cook-shops (eateries), loves leap amazing view and restaurant, plus discover the various local beaches and coves.


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