Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican Cuisine

Your senses of taste and smell explode with with the many diverse flavors in Jamaica’s famous dishes. The fragrant aromas draw from the island’s melting pot of cultures and native seasonings, defining a diverse and scrumptious culinary culture.

All your meals are a farm to table experience. Locally grown fruits and vegetables along with fresh fish caught by the village fishermen delight your taste buds and soul with fresh authentic Jamaican cuisine. St. Elizabeth is considered the breadbasket of Jamaica because they supply more fruits and vegetables to the rest of the island than any other parish.

Jamaican cuisine includes a mixture of cooking techniques, flavors, spices and influences from the people on the island of Jamaica. Some Jamaican cuisine dishes are variations on the cuisines and cooking styles brought to the island from elsewhere. These are often modified to incorporate local produce.

Popular Jamaican dishes include jerk chicken, curry goat, dumplings, ackee and saltfish (cod) – the national dish of Jamaica – fried plantain, rice and peas, steamed cabbage, and much more.

Fresh fish and shellfish are caught daily from the clean fresh waters of the carribean ocean that surrounds Jamaica. Your heart and soul fills with gratitude and wonder as you reconnection with the life giving abundance provided by mother earth.

There is something for everyone! Whatever your taste maybe, there are options galore with a vast array of fresh fruits, veggies, fish, meats and grains.


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