Heartland Oasis Cottages

Heartland Oasis Cottages

You will be nestled in the heart of Treasure Beach which is located within the parish of St. Elizabeth, known island-wide for having the friendliest and hardest working people found anywhere in Jamaica.  Upon entering your private oasis that is located on one acre of lush farmland that receives the continual ocean breeze below, you will notice the whimsical colors of your cottages named “Ease and Grace”.

You are surrounded by various fruit trees which include moringa, soursop, coconut, mango, grapes, custard apple, ackee, papaya, banana, avocado, sweetsop, naseberry and much more. It’s a very intimate setting allowing you to connect with nature and your inner soul.

This unique tiled patio created by a local artist is where we gather to enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisine.  The cottages have an endless ocean breeze and large windows with lots of natural lighting. There are shared accommodations two to each room with each room having a private bathroom. In addition, there is an outdoor shower amongst the lush flora.

There is an option for one of your nights’ stay of sleeping in a special star gazing tent, to admire the infinite galaxy.

Heartland Oasis has an amazing gazebo called “Up-A-Top” that offers a stunning 360-degree view of the ocean, mountains, and farmland. The sunsets from this vortex are breathtaking.

Up-a-Top is where you can receive a massage, perform meditation, and self-reflection.

You will feel loving embraced in your cozy accommodation in this traditional Jamaican board house introducing minimalist benefits provided by simple living.

Ahh, & there is nothing like a refreshing rain shower outdoors amongst the lush flora and whimsical artistic design created just for you by a local artist.

You will love your colorful zen bathroom, reminding you of your inner beauty and how you are perfect just the way your are. All you need is a toothbrush, hairbrush, and sunscreen.

Enjoy a meditative walk on the beautiful one acre of lush farmland where each plant is labeled so you can identify the plant. You will learn about its many aspects from what parts you can eat to how to prepare it to its medicinal qualities. A booklet will be available to join you on your investigative journey.


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