Breadnut Valley Falls

Breadnut Valley Falls

Breadnut Valley falls is one of the best kept local travel secrets in Jamaica. Rooted in Maggoty, St. Elizabeth; the beautiful Breadnut Valley Falls (often known to locals as Maggoty Falls) is an off the beaten path series of majestic cascade waterfalls and mesmerizing turquoise pools that emerge into a cool and refreshing river. This spectacular view transfixes not only the eyes but also the soul at first sight. This is about one hour from Treasure Beach.


Originally operating as a sugar estate in the 1700s and 1800s, the Breadnut Valley Estate is now a privately owned and operated business that offers a venue for events such as weddings and parties. With a gorgeous backdrop to supplement an already special event, Breadnut Valley appears to be a local hotspot for their events. The venue is also equipped with a picnic table and a few benches which suggests that day tripping and group outings are highly encouraged there. There is also a bathroom on site which is clean and fully functional.

There is a river and a few different waterfalls at various levels. The river is the perfect place of zen and tranquility to swim, relax and let the breath of nature breathe against your skin. 

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