Roaring River Park and Cave Tour

Roaring River Park and Cave Tour

This is a tour ideal for nature lovers. Roaring River Park is a heritage and nature park located near the Petersfield community which is about 90 minutes from Treasure Beach. The river travels underground from the mountains, before appearing in the park, a section known as “The Head“.

The park’s main attraction is the Roaring River Cave. This natural attraction features a series of limestone caverns and a natural mineral spring where visitors can swim.

History of the park dates back many centuries, as a result, the cave gives a glimpse of Jamaica’s history. For instance, tales of elders suggest the cave was once a place where slaves sought refuge.

Experts believe the water travels hundreds… if not thousands; of miles underground. Cascading glistening natural quartz stones, thus, giving the water healing properties.

During the 18th century, injured slaves would escape to the underground caverns at night seeking the mineral springs, in the hope that, its properties would heal injuries.

The tour takes you through the community, learn about the numerous plants in the garden, and hike the nature trail to where the river emerges from underground.

Go off the beaten path on a nature trail. You will see an abundance of fruits, and vegetables. At the end of the trail is the source (The Head) of all three springs. Fresh and pure out of the rocks, untouched from under the earth.

There are many inviting pools along the hike, if you wish to take a dip

the Blue Hole. A mineral-filled pool that looks very inviting. Yes! as the photo illustrates it’s actual naturally “Blue”.

Once you’ve seen the river and park, its time to explore the underground cathedral-like caverns. During the tour, you will be taken to different rooms. These include the “prayer room”, “meditation room”, which the guide suggests people who lost their memory can regain it in this room.

fter walking underground for a while, you’ll come upon a river running through the cave. This river is claimed to be, and the guide will also tell you, healing water. Feel free to take a quick dip, or wash your face.

The river runs to a section of the cave, in which the guide claim to be “bottomless”. He even attests to seeing international divers attempting to reach the bottom, with no avail.

Getting to Roaring River is an adventurous journey by itself, in other words, expect to commute on dirt roads, passing sugarcane fields, and rural communities. You’ll get a glimpse of everyday Jamaican life, expect to see a lot of smiling faces and friendly waves.

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