YS Waterfalls

YS Waterfalls

This trip offers swimming in the waterfalls and pools, beautiful park and even offers ziplining. The park is only about 60 minutes from Treasure Beach.

Start the day on a country road taking you along the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Continue through Bamboo Avenue, a 3-mile long stretch of road shaded by an archway of giant bamboo and surrounded by orange groves and sugarcane fields.

Stop at YS Waterfalls, one of the highest and most scenic waterfalls in Jamaica, where you can cool off with a swim, be adventurous and try the NEW canopy tour, or just relax and enjoy the lush tropical surroundings.

When you’re ready, it’s off to the historic town of Black River where you can pick up fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, or whatever takes your fancy.

Head home and enjoy driving through the beautiful Pedro Plains farmland.

Contact us for pricing as it is determined by season and group size.

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