Milk River Healing Springs Spa

Milk River Healing Springs Spa

If you want to bathe in natural spring water that is renowned for its healing properties, relax in a serene environment, enjoy a delicious meal, get a fabulous massage and even a private room to take a nap...then this excursion is for YOU. Milk River Spa is about two hours from Treasure Beach. 

The fountain of youth has not yet been found, but the bubbling mineral spa at the renowned Milk River Hotel and Spa, perched between the banks of the unassuming water source from which it takes its name and the foot of Carpenter's Mountain on the southwestern tip of Clarendon, might be very close to it.

Many have professed its healing powers. They have journeyed from near and far to soak up the curative wonders of the mineral spa.

No, there is no milk in the Milk River, but milk lovers would be fascinated by the fact that scientific analysis shows that the radioactive waters of this unique spa serve up a most intriguing offering that has far more minerals than the white liquid contains. The Milk River mineral spa has 54 times the strength of the minerals of Switzerland's renowned ultra-luxurious Baden spa and 50 times that of the well-known Vichy spa in the south of France.

The history of Milk River Bath predates slavery. In fact, legend has it that it was discovered by a slave belonging to one Jonathan Ludford, Esquire in the 18th century. The slave pounced upon the unusual spring after he had been severely punished and ran away. All his wounds were healed by the waters flowing from this usual spring. Ludford, equally amazed, forgave the slave, fenced the spring and put him to watch it. He eventually willed the land to the Crown in 1791 and, in 1794, the first baths were constructed and opened to the public.

Today Milk River Bath Hotel and Spa is a national monument as the Jamaica National Heritage Trust has included it on its list of national heritage sites.

The waters are reputed to cure a myriad of ailments, including skin conditions such as eczema; rheumatism; gout; neuralgia; sciatica; lumbago; nerve conditions; and liver disorders. Adding to the warm and relaxing experience is the sumptuous food prepared by the resident chef, who does a fine job in exciting the palate.

The hotel-and-spa is ideal for a day, a week or weekend trip for the family, romantic getaway, adventure tour or purely for rest and relaxation. Visiting Milk River Bath is a complete package as it offers more than just bathing and resting. Those who visit can gaze at the manatees a stone's throw away in the unusually blue waters that flow in Canoe River or stare with wonderment at 'God's Well', which locals will tell has no bottom and has four rivers flowing underneath it!

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