Rasta Safari ATV Tour at Roaring River

Rasta Safari ATV Tour at Roaring River

Alternatively, there’s another option to experience Roaring River. Even though it’s not apart of the park’s normal tours, this is an exciting way to explore.

The Rasta Safari Experience offers a unique and adventurous way to explore the roaring river community. In this case, you will get to explore the countryside on an ATV tour.

This tour takes you through rural Jamaica, riding an all-terrain vehicle. In this case, ATVs give access to rugged country roads.

Learn about rural communities from your local guide, meet the people, sample fruits, while passing scenic mountains, farms, rivers, and rain forests.


Bringing a few essentials will make a better experience, so, here are a few recommendations.

  • Comfortable/Hiking Boots:
  • Cash:
  • Swimwear:
  • Towel:
  • Water shoes: *if you will be swimming*
  • Sunscreen

In conclusion, the Rasta Safari experience transformed a boring nature trail into a more exciting and adventurous one. In general, it is a truly rugged, outdoor Jamaican experience.

Contact us for pricing as it is determined by season and group size.

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